VR with Daydream suddenly stopped working

(Zepherino) #1

Hi there,

I’m having a few issues with trying to use VR in Sketchfab using a Daydream phone/headset. First off is https://sketchfab.com/vr-browser where you can supposedly use to view models. I was never able to get this site to work. For whatever reason models would refuse to load whenever I selected them. Instead I just viewed models directly off the non VR site in Daydream mode. Whenever I selected “View in VR” it would work just fine.

For some reason, using “View in VR” suddenly stopped working correctly. Instead, Daydream will now just show the VR mode as a flat image like this: https://imgur.com/a/9uu20Zx
Any insight into why this happened would be appreciated.

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(Zepherino) #2

I managed to find the cause. For whatever reason (Maybe from an app update? Not Sure.) WebVR functionality was disabled in Chrome. After I found the setting in chrome://flags and re-enabled the option, I could see modeled in VR once again.