W.I.P - WOT Diorama Contest, by Tobias Røvik

(Tobias Roevik) #1

I am beginning my journey today on the WOT Diorama Contest. Sounds super fun, and have a cool idea. I am not that type who share the layout and what I am going to do, but i will share my models and progress as I am creating my entry. Hope you will like my work forward, and I am soon going to post some W.I.P, so stay tuned! blush

(Bart) #2

Thanks @tobiasroevik! I'll be sending you your in-game gold and additional access in a few minutes smile

(Tobias Roevik) #3

Day one smile
This are some pieces I will use in the final diorama.
Hands with armeture

Pad with logo

Logo and text

Will try to do some work tomorrow too, so stay tuned blush
This is by the way going to be in a low-poly kind of style, but will also contain some really detailed work, such as the logo and text.

(Tobias Roevik) #4

Thought I needed some UI to the iPad I made smile My plan forward is to model two tanks, two of my favorites after playing some hours, and render a picture and apply the UI on top.

(Wargaming) #5

Looking forward to see what the end result will look like. Also, I am quite interested in knowing what your favorite tanks are! smile

(Tobias Roevik) #6

Wargaming replied, so cool! open_mouth smiley
Working on the first tank, a Cruiser Mk. IV, my favorite. Low-poly style

(Tobias Roevik) #7

Done with the first tank smile Only one more tank, enviroment and material left. Feel free to comment wink

(Tobias Roevik) #8

(Tobias Roevik) #9

Done with the second tank, BT-7

(Tobias Roevik) #10

Finally done! Here is my entry smiley

WoT entry, by Tobias Røvik by Tobias Røvik on Sketchfab

Here is btw the screens:

(Rober Digiorge) #11

You did a great job I congratulate you!!! grinning

(Wargaming) #12

@tobiasroevik, Our WoT:Blitz Community team really liked your take on playing Blitz and decided to share it on Facebook. Just letting you know. smile

(Tobias Roevik) #13

I seriously got the shakes right now o.o This is so awesome! open_mouth smiley

(Bart) #14

@tobiasroevik wow that is a truly awesome scene, I'll share it on our social media today too!

@wargaming thanks for the feature! For posterity, I'll include the link here:


(Tobias Roevik) #15

I'm super happy that so many liked the model. Thank you all for sharing, liking and giving all the nice feedback smile I have no words blush

(Nataliak) #16

Hi @tobiasroevik, we shared it on our Twitter and Facebook today too smile



(Tobias Roevik) #17

That is so cool and nice of you! Thanks for sharing my work @nataliak blush

(Rober Digiorge) #18

@tobiasroevik this is your moment of glory...and I could not be more happy for your happiness... cry
...ahhh!!!...¿Why I was born? sob

I'm dying of envy!!! scream

(Tobias Roevik) #19

Thank you @roberdigiorge smiley Really like the screen on the picture hahaha. Maybe your WoT entry will also be shared one day, because it is really cool :3, I was just super lucky to be honest XD

(Maxypants2010) #20

Hi guys..... um... would you guys mind heading down a few topics to my thread? cough cough I have bacon cough cough