Wall-E the last hope

(Jamesculley) #1


I was very tempted to create a Star Wars scene, but I want to branch out a little so growing on my Disney Baymax scene I have decided to work on another Pixar/Disney scene. I love Wall-E and thought it would be cool to recreate a scene, I haven't completely decided on what exact scene yet:


(Shaderbytes) #2

Great to see you are doing a model , looking forward to it.

(Bart) #3

This will be fab, I'm sure. There's SO much so see and explore in this scene.

(Guillermo Sainz) #4

You took one of my favourite movies! Really excited to try it in VR!

(Jamesculley) #5

Due to a change in employment the settling in period has been far busier than expected. I will attempt to put something together for the deadline but of course it will not be nearly as detailed and as polished as I would have liked. Will put something up over the weekend if I get time, either way this will be a model I will complete at some point haha!