Want to change my username

(Candelariajr) #1

Hey, I made this account as a pitch to use this to host our institution’s 3d assets within a data-driven CMS I developed. We had experimented with many small open source plugins, only to really like this.
It worked, so now they want to take ‘my’ account over and switch it to a paid account.
It’s currently sketchfab.com/candelariajr
I need it to be switched to sketchfab.com/AppalachianStateUniversityLibraries

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Can you please go through the official change username form? It’s hard to track individual form threads about it: Change Username / Profile URL

Also, usernames can be a maximum of 30 characters long, so you’ll need something shorter than “AppalachianStateUniversityLibraries”