Wanted: 3D Modeler

(Sguthery) #1

Oliver Evans invented an automated grist mill. It is described in detail in his 1795 book The Young Mill-wright and Miller’s Guide which is available for free download from numerous repositories. I am interested in commissioning an animated model of the machinery of Evans’ mill. That is, my focus is on the power train from the water wheel through all the gears and the various mechanisms that the power train drives and not so much on the building that housed the power train although I’m open to suggestions for a model that includes a surrounding building. I am also open to suggestions on the software used to create the model but I do want to be able to modify the model myself and I’m currently a Blender tyro. There is no particular deadline but I’d like to be able to use the model in about six months. My budget for the project is $3,000. Please drop me a line at sguthery@gmail.com if you’re interested in building the model or if you just have a question or two.
Thanks for your consideration.
Cheers, Scott Guthery

(Yannick Deharo) #2

Hi @sguthery. I send you an e-mail !

(Pocolov) #3

Pocolov can help you.
contact us at pocolov@hotmail.com