Wanted: Rigging and Animation (PAID)


(Jf Horus) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to hire someone to rig and animate two character models of mine. The models have the same body proportions, so you should be able rig both to the them to the same skeleton and have one set of animation for both of them. They’re not high poly, but they are fully textured and with clothing. Also, I would like the characters to have facial animations as well. The characters are anthropomorphic, so I want their animations to be unique and with some personality and not just a standard human walk animation. I’ll be using the characters to make animated scenes in Blender & Maya, and I’ll put them in the game engines of Unity & Unreal Engine.

In regards to the animating, I’m looking for you to create five action animations four:
-Idle 2 (Talking)

I’ve attached sample pictures of the models I want modeled. If you’re interested in this job please provide your art profile, website links, etc. Of course, you will be paid for this job and we can discuss in more details about pricing. I’ll start off with a price of $250.

Since, I can only post two images (because i’m a new member) if you would like more high quality photos of the models. Just send me an email at: fullerfusion@gmail.com