War of the Worlds - Tripod Attack


(Aorv) #1

Hello everyone, I would make the scene of Steven Spielberg "The War of the Worlds" where tripods attack but i will include some little variations in scenarios and this and will be static

(Aorv) #2

Here is a low poly work in progress of the tripod

(Aorv) #3

Pre materials model


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Lots going on in this scene! Can't wait to see where this goes, have fun!

(Aorv) #6

Final modeling of the Alien Tripod Machine

(Aorv) #7

Scenario in progress :slight_smile:

(Aorv) #8

Scenario with basic materials

(Aorv) #9

Completing the Scenarios and poses of tripods.

(Aorv) #10

Preparing the effects, and final scenario.


(Aorv) #11

Final Scene, i have some problems with the VR mode because the scene is a little heavy, but i hope i your devices it workds.