Warped geometry on animated model


(Skater Gators) #1

I’m having some trouble with uploading an animated model from Blender, I have tried uploading multiple versions as .blend, .fbx and using the upload add on for blender but all version have distorted geometry especially on the eyes and teeth. Even applying the armature still results in a distorted model on sketchfab, the only way I could get it to display correctly was to apply then delete the armature entirely.
Here is the animated version with geometry issues, I have made it available for download to see if anyone can find the issue.

here is the still version without geometry issues if that helps at all

there is no difference between these 2 files apart from deleting the armature.

any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

(Videshi) #2

Very odd, I didn’t even see it until I went right in on the eyes. Strange. Hmm. Any kind of deformer/transformation history or anything like that still on the model? Do you have a smooth preview happening for just certain parts of the mesh in Blender? (I’m a Maya guy, not sure if that applies).

(Waleguene) #3

Hi @SkaterGators,

There is a known issue affecting some models with animation during vertex compression. Quantization is different between the static and the animated version, and the latter suffers of lack of precision which generates artifacts on the model.

The issue is logged but unfortunately we have no ETA yet
We’ll keep you in touch once it’s fixed, sorry for the inconvenience