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Watermarks in model inspector


Since model inspector is mandatory for store models, there’s also should be an option to add watermarks on textures in model inspector, so that bad people couldn’t printscreen them. some models’ value is mainly in the textures, it’s really bad that those textures are so exposed.


Just wanted to know if this request is being acknowledged and considered?


Sorry for the delay.

  1. The textures available in the viewer / inspector are always compressed and optimized versions, not your original files.

  2. If this is a big concern for you, I recommend adding your own watermark to the textures used in the viewer (processed during upload), and only add the “real” textures in your “Additional files” package, which is never exposed unless you purchase the model.

  3. Finally, without purchasing the proper license, a bad actor would have no legal standing to use your work. The type of buyers that will really bring you revenue (e.g. game developers) would never use an illegal asset in their products.


Hi @james,
Thank you for the comprehensive answer! Here’s my counterarguments.

#1. yes, i’m aware of that fact, but i still find that textures in inspector are of good enough quality to be ripped and reused.
#2. that could be an option, yes, however that also would ruin preview of the model - not something you would like to see on your model in store.
#3. that is very true. I agree that people who buys our models, probably won’t even consider to obtain them illegally, but i still don’t like the fact, that textures are so easy to grab for bad people, even if they aren’t of best quality.

Anyway, thank you for your response. I would love to see automatic subtle watermarking in model inspector, but if you’re strongly against that, i won’t be insisting anymore.


We’ll definitely keep it in mind!

On a side note, a situation where someone buys the model, then shares it for free or resells it is also not allowed in the license, but there wouldn’t be much we can do there outside of legal work.