Way to tell who's work?

(Equus 0000) #1

new to vr, as a consumer not an artist (no talent whatsoever), and i’ve had mixed results putting sketchfab objects into oculus (no doubt it’s my inexperience).

I found this guy in someone else’s home… is there a way to tell where he came from?

I even tried a Google search, “3d vr low poly warhorse” … no luck.

(Pxltiger) #2

Anduin horse

(Equus 0000) #3

Great!! Now i just have to find a 3d model i can import! Thank you!

(Equus 0000) #4

Found it# so very happy! I’m such a 3D model who…psie Daisy there… I’m too old to get artistic AND learn graphic arts. Yay for (other people’s) talent :slight_smile: