Ways to output 3d to 2d

(Nouvmap) #1

Every scanner that i know outputs a picaso painting jpg, along with a cad model -there is no order in the texture. Do any of you guys know of a scanner that outputs a straight forward 2d uv map of the scanned model ? Or do you know a fast way to make it so?

(Vlad) #2

May be you should learn some 3D graphic basics first?

Even not so easy to understand what you asking. And why in 3D scanning, while your quiesion better fit for "Lounge".

(Nebulousflynn) #3

hey @nouvmap - other people would probably do a better job / use different software but I hope I've got the gist of your question right:

I think you are talking about going from a texture like this (exported photogrammetry software):

to something more like this:

I admit this isn't a perfect example (there's still a lot of tiny UV islands around the edge of the second texture map) but you can see the second texture seems more organised to a human eye.

I achieved this by loading my mesh into Blender, duplicating the mesh, reducing the face count of the duplicate, UV unwrapping the simplified mesh, then baking the texture from the high res mesh to the smplified and saving the result.