We are now looking for some awesome Blender animation content!

(Waleguene) #1

Hi Sketchfab community! :smile:

We are currently working on adding Blender animation support, and we are looking for awesome animation content to test it, see how it goes and what we can improve to make it answer your needs.

You guys already did a really great job for animation beta, you helped us a lot to implement and test the animation feature, that's why we are reaching you again!

We are interested by all types of animations (solid, skeletal, shape keys), so, feel free to post/send me your animated .blend files, either by posting them to this thread, by PM or mail (aurelien at sketchfab.com)

Just a side note: Blender animation support will not be total for now: any animation having an intermediate step between these techniques and the animated objects will probably not work. For example, objects having modifiers that are changing their effect according to animation will not be correctly animated.
To give some examples:

  • animation where a MeshDeform modifier is involved
  • a book whose page is deformed by a Hook modifier using an animated object

Thank you in advance for your contribution! :smiley:

PS: all files will be treated confidentially and will not be published on Sketchfab .com

(Zafio) #2

Hi Aurélien!

I understand support won't be total, but are you interested in samples including MeshDeform, etc. anyway? GraphEditor modifiers/drivers also belong to that "intermediate" category, right?

(Juang3d) #3

Hi, Auréline!

I'll try to help. I've made animations in Blender, both using bones and using Shape Keys. I uploaded some time ago some animations with bones, and they worked well. Are the shape keys animations working in Sketchfab? I'll try to upload an animation of that type. If not, I'll send it to you, so you can do some tests.
Stay cool.

(Murilo Kleine) #4

Hi Aurelien,

I sent you an email with some animated blend files.

They're basic animated characters and objects, but hopefully they'll help you!

Let me know if you need anything else! :smile:

(Dennish2010) #5

Hi Aurelien,

I made a blend file with five animation types I know.
It`s just very basic but I hope it will helps developing the Blender animation support :smile:

Animation Types.blend (2.5 MB)

(Waleguene) #6


Thank you guys for these quick answers!
@zafio I didn't asked for these kind of models because I know that it will be difficult to support them (so I found it useless to ask you for it), but If you have small samples using these modifiers, don't hesitate to share them. I will keep them and probably use them later if I work on supporting these features :smile:.
For GraphEditor modifier/drivers, I think it should be fine, but I will be interested by such samples as well!

@juang3d For now we only support animation for FBX files, if you upload a .blend, it will not be animated at all. If we talk about FBX, yeah, morph (shape keys) animation is supported. If your blender shape keys animation is exported in FBX, it will work on Sketchfab :smile:
Here the idea is to bypass this 'export to FBX' step and handle the .blend file directly. Any sample you cand share with us will be helpful!

@murilo_kleine got them :smile: Thanks a lot!

@dennish2010 Thanks! Nice overview of animations in Blender! I already found and used some of your models from BlendSwap and CGtrader, so you started helping us without knowing it :stuck_out_tongue:

It is awesome to know we can rely to such a cool community for helping us working on new features! Thanks a lot, everyone, and keep up the good work!

(Carcharoth) #7

Hi, the animation is not shown at 100%, the breech block make a bit of "break dance" but whatever I love sketchfab :wink:
I try a lot of configs when exporting from Blender to FBX, even "pre" baking the animation in blender, I am not an expert so i do not know where is the problem.

KSP M-65 "Atomic Annie" animated WIP by Carcharoth on Sketchfab


(Moroplogo) #8

@carcharoth you can read this tutorial created by @dennish2010 , you could find your answer ! Maybe ! https://3dartdh.wordpress.com/2015/06/25/how-to-export-a-fbx-file-in-blender-with-reduced-keyframes/

(Carcharoth) #9

@moroplogo I already find that post, but do not say anything about an animation that do not play correctly or a weird rotation, anyway thanks for your help :wink:

(Fan3d) #10

Hi Aurélien,

I sent you an email with an animated blend file.
also uploaded here :

Gabare by fan3d on Sketchfab

Good New Year feasts to all

(Hdvdeargentina) #11

I just sent you a mail with my last .blend file, 12 seconds of armature and morphing applied in a character. The armature have some configurations in some specific bones, those are:
Inverse kinematics, copy rotation, limit rotation and tracking.
I hope it helps.

By the way, that's the animation:

[Animated] Larguirucho [Rigging+morphing] by hdvdeargentina on Sketchfab

(Fan3d) #12

new link : https://sketchfab.com/models/e58e5f842cec4e269f22d73257272f60