⚠ We have temporarily disabled sound on Sketchfab

We are conducting a legal review of the use of sound on Sketchfab, and have to temporarily disable sound on all models.

We are aware that the huge majority of sounds are not infringing, but out of an abundance of caution on the advice of our lawyers, the feature will remain disabled until we can determine the next steps. There is no need for action or proof of ownership.

We hope to bring back sound soon and will notify you when that happens.

Update: We have shared two code examples on how to add sound to your models using the Viewer API:


Hi Bart, I know I have mentioned this on the discord a bunch of times, but I am really curious as to what is going on with the sound situation?

I am poised to start working in sound on many of my uploads but am reluctant to do so due to the situation.

I know you said “temporarily” but has the issue escalated in someway making a return of sound unlikely? or is it inevitable the sound will return?

I really cant emphasize enough how much of a difference sound can make to a presentation

If the sound issue was due to some policy on Epic’s behalf such as an audit or something then if Epic are reading this then I would like to make a personal plea for a return of the audio as soon as can be! :slight_smile:

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re: Ok never-mind I just read this thread

Yeah we don’t have more information to share right now, sorry :-/ But we’re in the process of documenting two easy to use Viewer API code examples that will allow you to add sound to your models - on your own web page, not on Sketchfab.


sounds encouraging bart, hope you guys have success with that!

We have shared two code examples on how to add sound to your models using the Viewer API:


I’d like to use the Viewer API for adding sound, but I can not delete the sound that was uploaded into the model in Sketchfab (the sound tab disappeared). Because of this, I can’t get rid of the “Sounds have been temporarily disabled” message from the player. What should I do, to make it go away?

Hope it could come back early

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An update on the sound situation would be nice!