We only get 2 uploads a month

It’s hard to contribute to a contest when it cost your credits everytime you do, you’re making your content providers pay to use your service…

I wonder what would of happened to YouTube if they did that a couple years after they started?

I understand making people’s content free downloads to add value, and I can see professional features to premium members, but charging is just going to push content creators away, and even though you have the best format ATM, that never lasts forever with dwindling numbers.

Now imagine having to watch an ad every time you wanted to view a model.

I’m personally a big fan of the current system. It encourages people to make their models free or paid both of which either contribute to the community or back to sketchfab.

I mean I could understand why a say professional company would want to display models and not make them accessible for download, but for individuals and artists I just think the current format works, with maybe the exclusion of something like a work in progress I just don’t see the need for more closed source models.

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It’s not a matter of closed sourced models, it’s the cap on how many models you can upload… I don’t know how restricting the new model uploads are going to be beneficial to anyone, I am uploading models to a different website because I reached my limit.

I don’t make money on these, I’m just helping out some blockchain projects while I learn 3D graphics.

But if they only want main contributions from professional accounts that’s up to them, I just think they they are losing out on a more vast library of content by limiting uploads on free accounts.

But that’s what I’m saying, there is no upload limit if you set it to be downloadable or if you put it up for sale. And unless your doing professional designing or showcasing a professional product, I’ve never really seen much point in not putting it up for download/sale.

They just put a 2 upload per month limit on all downloads, whether or not they are downloadable.

That’s the whole point of my initial post, I can’t post models even though they are set for free download, maybe they just changed it because it shows a option now for free upload…

wait whut? when did they change this?

Even on my plan information it says nothing about this.

[EDITED] I just tested I’d say this is a bug, so I uploaded 3 test cubes if you want to check out my profile. (I am a free profile) you CAN upload more than 2, however, if you have no free upload credits left it isnt letting you publish, simply set any model to downloadable and try again itll let you upload as many as you want after… or it did for me.

Jap … that’s how it works.
If you set it to downloadable you can upload as mutch as you want.

yeah but as was just discovered, if you don’t have any upload credits left, regardless of if you set a new model to free or store, it wont let you publish until you have an upload credit. As long as you have 1 credit you can upload as much as you want… but you need a credit.

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