Weaponized Sheep Trial #9-78 [Done]


(Lorenzoderijcke) #1

Hi all, I am excited to participate in the Mad science contest,

here is my idea so far.

Background story.
Weaponized Sheep Trials.

The evil doctor and his minions are nearing the completion of weaponizing their first living sheep. it only took them 9 x 100 trials to achieve the impossible, will they succeed ?

Because everything is better with weapons,


I want to create a scene which displays the doctor and his minions while they attempt Test trial #9-78.
the layout will be something along the lines of the following idea that I sketched.

A floating platform on which the test chamber is secured while the doctor and his minions regulate the process from behind their "high tech" computers, nothing which a bit of duct tape can't fix.

For inspiration I looked at the following images on pinterest.

the scene will look something like this.

The concept is still in a early stage, so feedback, ideas and comments are welcome as always.

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Bart) #2

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(Theedstar1) #3

Loving this idea man can't wait to see the finished piece

(Lorenzoderijcke) #4

Hi all a new update,

Started working on my 3D model this is what I have so far,

Weaponized Sheep Test Trial #9-78 [W.I.P] by TonedCube on Sketchfab

the beginning of the test chamber and the platform on which the chamber is built.

More is coming soon :smile:


(Lorenzoderijcke) #5

Hi all added some more geometry to my 3D model :smile:

Weaponized Sheep Test Trial #9-78 [W.I.P] by TonedCube on Sketchfab

added the robot arm and the first evil minion

Cheers :smile: and stay tuned.

(Andrius Beconis) #6

This is looking cool! Love the little minion :smile:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #7

Our test subject has arrived (insert evil laugh)

Cheers :smiley:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #8

Updates updates updates :smiley:

Zhe doctor is in!

and I uploaded the new model to sketchfab

Weaponized Sheep Test Trial #9-78 [W.I.P] by TonedCube on Sketchfab

Cheers and stay tuned.

(Andrius Beconis) #9

This doesn’t feel like a safe experiment with that sheep and all the rockets behind a glass... Unless of course that glass is bazookaproof :smile:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #10

I agree @abeconis

Safety Protocols and budget were cut during last board meeting, but I'm not sure if the doctor is aware of that..


(Lorenzoderijcke) #11

Important announcement:

work in progress *


(Lorenzoderijcke) #12

Hi all I'm back

had a busy weekend and then I had some time today to UV my scene and start on my textures.

here is the texture of the Doctor.

image is rendered with mental ray (physical sun & sky lighting)

I hope I can make more progress in the next few days.

Cheers :smiley:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #13


Here is the texture of my robot (in progress)

Feedback is welcome.

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Lord00120) #14

Now this is some MAD science :wink: Like the idea, kinda reminds me of the sheep gun from the ratchet and clank series

(Lorenzoderijcke) #15

haha yes the good old sheep on sheep paradoxplosion :smiley:

thank you I appreciate it.

(Lorenzoderijcke) #16

Hi all,

Uploaded the texture I have made so far to the Sketchfab model

Weaponized Sheep Test Trial #9-78 [W.I.P] by TonedCube on Sketchfab

Cheers :smiley:

(Bart) #17


a quick personal reminder that the Mad Science contest closes next Wednesday (midnight, 23:59 New York time). So whatever you decided to do this weekend - you'd better cancel it and finish your entry :slight_smile:

As always, you can read contest updates here, and if you have any last minute questions feel free to email me at bart@ this website.

Good luck!!

(Lorenzoderijcke) #18

Hi all got some more work done on the textures :slight_smile:

here is a small impression of how it looks now

I uploaded it to sketchfab as well, you are welcome to give feedback :wink:

Weaponized Sheep Test Trial #9-78 [W.I.P] by TonedCube on Sketchfab

I hope I will finish in time but for now it is going well.


More coming soon!

(Lorenzoderijcke) #19

Hi all. Almost done :smiley:

uploaded all my textures to sketchfab that I have so far

Weaponized Sheep Trial #9-78 [W.I.P] by TonedCube on Sketchfab

Feedback is welcome. :smiley:


(Lorenzoderijcke) #20

Hi all,

I am happy to inform you guys that I finished my entry for the
mad-science contest.

Weaponized Sheep Trial #9-78. by TonedCube on Sketchfab

Here it is !

I will post some screenshots of the models and textures tomorrow but for now the final entry is on sketchfab.

I enjoyed the challenge, and wish all the other contestants good luck.

Cheers :slight_smile: