Web page can't be loaded on IOS mobile

(Cgmatt) #1


I’ve been having quite some issues displaying my scene on iphone IOS.

The following code works perfectly for this scene, both on pc and IOS;


Whereas the same kind of code for this scene works correctly on pc and not on IOS mobile;


one out of 10 tryouts it shows the scene, all of the other refresh and or link clicking does not open the page.
I get warning messages like this page has encoutered a error and had to close or recharge. Sometimes it just shows blank…and then 1 out of 10 it finally displays the scene. I’ve tested chrome, google, firefox and safari.
Most of the users would be using safari which is causing this issue.

Thank your for some input.

kind regards,



Hi Matt,

The second model is very heavy, almost 4 million polygons. Frankly I’m surprised you were able to load it on a mobile device at all. I would try to keep it under 1 million faces for consistent results.

(Cgmatt) #3

Hi James,

Thank you for the quick reply. Indeed, didn’t think about the optimization as the model seemed simple. I should go back and check those polygons to limit the faces. Thank you for the advice. I’m going to do the test and hopefully that will do the trick.