Web vr headset for iphone


(Moliorarchitects) #1

Using and iphone 5 with latest ios and testing on both safari and chrome.

I've tried the Homido V2 and BoboVR z4. I can't seem to get the interactive button to work with sketchfab on the Homido V2 and it works for three or four clicks on the Bobo z4 before you need to reset.

Cardboard works but the viewing experience is let down by poor quality of the lense and not being able to properly focus the model. What are other people using?

(Ginaadrson) #2

i am using VR device, got 3D view experience on the big TV cinema or screen, now techs generation iPhone users are running behind to getting virtual reality on his/her iPhone and Android Smartphone. immersive experience for any age while watching VR movie or playing VR games on phone. There are many third-party virtual reality glasses headset available in the marketplace that offers.