WebGL crash when i want to use PBR


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If relevant, PLEASE include the model URL and other information so we can quickly investigate. Thanks! :smile:

Model URL: https://sketchfab.com/models/59644382e52d4f818e458e9b0af5f994

Browser: Google Chrome

Operating System: windows10

Description of problem: When i want to use PBR on this model it says that there is a problem with webGL and than it doesn't allow me to do anything except for ignore it or reload the page.

What is the problem here and how can i fix it?


Some debugging steps:

Do you see the same issue in other browsers (e.g. Firefox)?

Can you please send me a screenshot of this report? http://webglreport.com/

Do you have any issues with the models on this page? https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/204149909-Debug-Resources

However, I suspect the model is just too heavy. There are over 1000 unique geometries and 80 unique textures. Please see:

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I had the same issue with microsft edge.

I dont have problems with those models so i think my model is just too heavy.

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I think i found the problem, the textures were exported in a way higher resolution than i thought.


Cool, is it working for you now?

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Yeah, thanks for the help.