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WebGL error : can I re-upload the page automatically with the API?

(Gilles38) #1

when the Sketchfab iframe shows the WebGL error message, is it possible to re-upload it without having the user clicking on the blue box, through the API for instance ?
Thank you.


You mean reload the browser page, not re-upload the model, right?

What is the context here, an iframe loaded with the Viewer API?

(Gilles38) #3

Hi James,
no I mean re-uploading the 3d model, not the page. It is just an embeded iframe but i could use the API, if needed, although I am not familiar with it.


Sorry I’m not sure I understand. The WebGL error you shared usually has nothing to do with the model, so I don’t see why you would want to re-upload a new model as a result.

(Gilles38) #5

Hi James,
I think I am confused between page and 3D models. Sorry but I am not familiar with these concepts. What is inside an embedded Sketchfab iframe: a page or a model ? I want to re-upload what is inside the iframe if the WegGL message error appears.
Hope this is clear…


The iframe is just the model page inside a frame. The WebGL error means the browser failed to render the model on the page for some reason. It has nothing to do with re-uploading a model file.