WebVR controller not appearing and Not starting at initial starting position in VR

(Atamberi) #1

I am currently having two issues with my models:
-In the point of view at the initialization of the WebVR is not at the point that I have set in the “VR settings”
-When I begin the WebVR session, my controller is not being identified and I cannot navigate the models.
I have been troubleshooting these problems and have found no solution to the first, and for the second, I was able to use the controller at one point, but the application only identifies the controller intermittently and it works completely fine with other applications.
I am running a Samsung Odyssey headset and the controllers that come with it, in the Edge WebVR browser, and I also tried initializing the model from the normal desktop Edge browser. When I press the windows button the controller appears as normal. Changing the orbit/first person settings had no effect.

(Paul Sketch) #2


  • Could you provide a link the model ?
  • What browser you used beside Edge?

Can you try making sure you use only one controller at a time (not both) and check if it helps ?

(Atamberi) #3

I have had these issues with all of my models…
These are the two which I was working with recently:

I only have a windows mixed reality headset so I have only used Edge.
I will try with only one controller to see if it helps, when the controller does not show up, it is almost like the application slips into the vr mode for smart phones.
Thank you,

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Please see the attached video of the issue

(Atamberi) #5

I this video was with only one controller linked to the Bluetooth.
When I originally booted up the computer, with only one controller linked I was able to get it to work. When I linked the other controller while running the model the tracking of the controllers went a little wacky, and they stopped working. When I re-booted all of the applications (not the computer) and un-linked one of the controllers from Bluetooth I was unable to get the controller again in VR (this is what we see on the previous video).

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This is a video with only one controller and a full system restart… no improvement…

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This is the same issue with another users model…

(Paul Sketch) #8

Thanks for the detailed info, will try to reproduce and fix.

Note that you can use WMR with firefox/chrome if you use Steam VR + https://store.steampowered.com/app/719950/Windows_Mixed_Reality_for_SteamVR/