WebVR controller / positional tracking issues

(Diabuz64) #61

I have the same issue with my Oculus on firefox.


Thanks for your patience everyone. We’re digging into this again.

(Xmt) #63

Similar for me with WMR, the initial position when entering VR seems to be off. However, I am able to teleport down to the floor and get my bearings, then everything is fine.

(Anatomy Dundee) #64

Still bad my end. I’ve tried teliporting down to the floor but doesn’t work on most models unfortunately.

(Zimimi Z) #65

Vr has been broken for really long time now. Why don’t you go back to the build that worked instead of having this one that is broken?

(Tepapalearninglab) #66

I have been creating 3D designs and hosting them in sketchfab in order to scale them up for immersive VR experiences. The virtual reality settings used to be great for this but haven’t worked in a while. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

(Diogofigueiredo) #67

It’s a shame. VR was the reason I learned about Sketchfab, and the reason I keep coming back, but it’s been broken for over a month now.


Sorry for the long delay. Fixes are on the way. The release should go out tomorrow.

(Andy Mar) #69

I have the same problem with HTC Vive and Firefox…

(Diabuz64) #70

It’s good news, I’m sure the patch will work

Thank you.

(Diabuz64) #71

Has the fix been applied ?

I just tried and it does not work, the camera is still too high.

(Anatomy Dundee) #72

I just checked too and still issues our end. A slight difference to before is that they (for some models at least) load almost correct, only I am floating a just a few feet above the floor. But then if I press anything to teleport or scale I find myself way above it as before.

(Anatomy Dundee) #73

I should add that when first loaded and in almost the correct position, the positional tracking is working, so that’s an improvement. The controller is also visualised in my hand correctly.


Sorry we ran into some delays and the fixes have not yet gone into production. I’m afraid it will have to wait till next week. The French team is off on Easter Monday, so it might not be live until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thanks for your patience.

(Diabuz64) #75

I found a manipulation that works perfectly when the camera is too high. It works even you only see a distant circle without seeing the model.

I place the cursor on the ground and press the right Oculus controller trigger. I move the stick to the left to get closer to the ground for 2 seconds. I repeat the manipulation until I am at the right height.

This solution works at 100%, I can make a video if you want it.

Vr headset and controller position very high above the position it's supposed to be. (HTC Vive)
(Diabuz64) #76

I do not know if it’s a bug but some human model have half of the body pressed into the ground in vr mode. Half of the body is under the ground.

(Zimimi Z) #77

That doesn’t always work perfect. If you do that with some models it feels like you are not standing on the ground and the model is huge.

(Diabuz64) #78

What is the model where you are not standing on the floor ?

The proportions may be too big but in the meantime it solves the problem of the camera above the model. There is another trick given here.

(Zimimi Z) #79

It works now! Great job! :heart_eyes:


Yep! The problems should be resolved now. Thanks everyone for your patience.