WebVR crashes Firefox 55.0.3 with Oculus CV1

(Geogan) #1

When I click on the VR icon on any model show page or on the gallery page, Oculus Home loads and I can see Firefox as the current running application in Oculus Home, but I either get just Oculus Home or else black screen in headset and then a minute or two later Firefox shuts down and I get a "Firefox has crashed do you want to restart" type requester.

I am running Windows 7 with latest Firefox 55.0.3 and latest Nvidia drivers updated today on GTX 1070

When I went to that WebVR test URL I was able to see the spinning cube in the browser and all other VR works perfectly.

Is there some problem with WebVR right now??

ps. I just tried with the beta (nightly) version Firefox 56.0b11 and this doesn't work right either. Oculus opens, I can see the model in my VR headset but doesn't move, the model in the browser window tracks the headset movement, Oculus Home complains that "firefox is taking too long to load" etc...