WebVR in Viewer API: toggle display of teleport circles/reticle?

(Aleahy) #1


Short: how do I disable the circle/pancake reticle in VR mode?

Long: Am building a sketchfab Viewer API app for VR and HTC Vive. We 'teleport' the user around the scene using predefine camera locations that we push at the Viewer API using setCameraLookAt().

The user can still step around and look around within the scene using Room-Scale. Basically we don't to use wand controllers if we can help it. This is for a trade show exhibit and we don't have the time to do teleport training also there's no 3d model for the Vive wand's, so there's no point handing them something they can't even see let alone use!

We'll guide the user around the scene by switching the camera location remotely. In this mode the 'white center dot' and 'pancake/circle' are just a distraction.

Andrew | Wonderama Lab | Western Sydney University

(Mauricesvay) #2

There is no way to disable teleportation at the moment. I'll add your request to our internal feature request tracker. Thanks for the feedback.

(Aleahy) #3

Thanks Maurice.

Is there perhaps a way to make the model geometry invisible to the teleport reticle?


(Aleahy) #4

Hi, being able to minimize the teleport recticle to the single white center dot would be enough.

We're planning to use Sketchfab to showcase student electric vehicle designs at a final year exhibition in 2 weeks in Sydney. Where the public will sit inside and walk around the virtual vehicles using room-scale HTC Vive. The vehicles at 1:1 scale fit nicely inside a room-scale volume so we won't use the hand controllers and won't need the user to teleport.

At the moment the animated circles are distracting when you are sitting in the drivers seat :weary: :sob:


(Mauricesvay) #5

There is no way to disable teleportation at the moment, but I've forwarded your request to the devs.
Meanwhile, enclosing your model inside a transparent box might do the trick: the teleportation cursor only appears on surfaces that are horizontal enough. Having vertical invisible walls might work.