WebVR not working with WMR Headset

(Ragan Smith Associates) #1

Whenever I try to open a model in VR it launches in the headset via Microsoft Edge but the resulting space is a solid gray with no form.
I’m using Samsung Odyssey HMD launching Sketchfab via Edge from the Cliff House in Windows Mixed Reality portal. I don’t think it’s a WebVR issue as all of my Matterport models run fine.
Running on HP Zbook, XEON 3.1 Ghz, 48 GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro P4000 Card.

Any advice?

(Paul Sketch) #2

Thanks for the report, we can reproduce and will investigate.

(Gabrielep) #3

Can confirm same issue (on Surface Book 2, with Lenovo Explorer).
Space is grey. Sometimes I see flickering texture that disappear almost immediately.

(Paul Sketch) #4

There is a complex bug on the Edge browser, with specific hardware (laptop with 2 graphics cards (GPU))
When it swaps to the more powerful GPU the viewer has to “restart”, and here it seems it breaks.

Meanwhile, It works on computer with 1 GPU.
It can be made to work through “steam+firefox” (need the steam “mixed reality” app to be installed) and to be working.