WebVR vs WebXR?

Given that WebVR is Deprecated! Do you plan to update the VR mode on desktop to use the new WebXR API? Chrome has gone so far as removing the WebVR flag in builds newer then Chrome 80.

WebVR is only deprecated on chrome, where WebVR was in fact never out of beta, so it doesn’t change much of current VR support landscape.

For now as WebVR is still enabled on all VR browser (Oculus, Firefox, Helios, etc.)

WebXR is still a very new API still under heavy work, for instance next version of chrome will still have numerous WebXR related changes. We do monitor all current WebXR implementations support and the numerous bugfixes that browsers currently do each release around webXR.

Once all stars are aligned, we will be able to move without breaking support and using solid foundations.