WebVR vs WebXR?

Given that WebVR is Deprecated! Do you plan to update the VR mode on desktop to use the new WebXR API? Chrome has gone so far as removing the WebVR flag in builds newer then Chrome 80.

WebVR is only deprecated on chrome, where WebVR was in fact never out of beta, so it doesn’t change much of current VR support landscape.

For now as WebVR is still enabled on all VR browser (Oculus, Firefox, Helios, etc.)

WebXR is still a very new API still under heavy work, for instance next version of chrome will still have numerous WebXR related changes. We do monitor all current WebXR implementations support and the numerous bugfixes that browsers currently do each release around webXR.

Once all stars are aligned, we will be able to move without breaking support and using solid foundations.


Hi, WebXR support is now live on Sketchfab

Hi Paul. I’m sure this is good news, but not working for me with WMR. When I click on the VR icon I get a menu telling me to press on the VR button, which does nothing, but the next click on the VR icon takes me into VR. Using the trigger no longer works for teleporting. Teleporting does work by clicking the top of the touch pad, but unfortunately, a light touch of the touch pad also changes the scale. My WMR controller also appear as Vive controllers. Is this likely to be fixed in the near future?
OK, so the above referred to Firefox. The good news is that it does work with Chrome and the WMR controllers appear as themselves. The only slight problem here as that they appear slightly further forward than their true position and pointed downwards, so that I have to angle them upwards to point straight ahead. Should there be any means of turning? I have never been able to do this with WMR.

Firefox… we discovered they do not support webXR in fact, and we use a “fallback” layer of code that is unfortunately not as good as native support.
All we add to upgrade to WebXR (because chrome/oculus dropped webvr support) and not maintain both WebVR and WebXR, there will be an unfortunate period of transition for firefox.
( bug tracking firefox webxr support here https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1419190 )

Strange, didn’t get that during our test, will try to reproduce the bug.

No means of turning, just to move in the “VR spatial” way around the model.
What would you need the turning for ?

Hi Paul, thanks for the quick reply. Maybe it’s just my setup, I’ll try it again when I have a moment. As for turning; if you are seated you can look at things more comfortably behind you (this is useful for models of rooms, or other scenes that you enter into). Great work though. Dose this work on the Quest? Mine is unfortunately locked in my office, so I can’t try it out yet.

It does work with quest, yep.
Actually, the Quest is the easiest way to have VR working right away. Else the “setup” as you mention can be quite complicated on desktop.
There will be an announcement of the change with explanation and a new documentation page will be available.
However WMR + polyfill on firefox is supposed to work. I guess we missed that combination in our tests. We’ll look into it.