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Weekend Texturing Challenge: The Pool

(Simon Kratz) #1

Weekend Texturing Challenge - The Pool by essimoon on Sketchfab

Inside the pedestal there’s a small scene filled with some kind of fluid. What kind of fluid? That’s for you to decide! :smile:

Texture this small scene in any way you like. It could be a pool of water surrounded by grassy floor, or a swamp with gooey swamp water and small bubbles rising, a pool of lava or anything else you can imagine.

The coolest scene wins.


  • There’s no restriction in workflow or tools that have to be used. Just make it look awesome with your way of choice :smile:
  • Play with materials! Is the fluid transparent or opaque? Hot, cold, frozen?
  • There’s a couple of deco assets and base shapes in the diorama.
  • You can place, duplicate, scale (or even delete) them the way you like as long as you don’t go crazy with it. Please maintain the overall feel of the scene.In this context, the unwrap may be adjusted as well if too much stretching/lack of resolution occurs due to scaling.
  • Feel free to name your scene using the already prepared Sketchfab texture plate (if you wish, it won’t affect your chances of winning it you don’t do it)

How do I participate?

  • Download this week’s model, texture it and upload it to your own account.
  • Make sure you credit essimoon.
  • Tag your entry with #SWC-1 ("Sketchfab Weekend Challenge 1") and post it on this thread.

When is the deadline?

Deadline is Monday, end of day. Winners will be announced on Tuesday!

What can I win?

The winner will receive a shiny Sketchfab PRO badge for three months :wink:

(Bart) #2

Awesome initiative, @essimoon! I'll definitely try to get an entry in :smile:

(Bart) pinned globally #3

(Elbriga) #4

Super cool! I hope I'll have time to enter :smile:

(Designidentity) #5

Here is my try :blush:

Challenge: The Pool by designidentity on Sketchfab

(Designidentity) #6

Hey guys, maybe someone of you has got a solution for this:

I've tried to create a liquid metal fake using metaballs in C4D and baked the animation with a technique in that I used a new object for every single frame.

Each object appears just for one frame in the scene while setting the scaling from 0 to 1 to 0 for every single frame. It's not working in the player but it works fine in the FBX. :smile:

T1000 Liquid Metal by designidentity on Sketchfab

(Simon Kratz) #7

Nice idea for a fake :smile:
I think it actually works right but maybe the framerate in your animation differs from the one Sketchfab uses.
In that case some interpolation might happen and instead of being "turned on and of" by instant scaling the scaling happens over a couple of more frames.

(Simon Kratz) #8

Congrats @designidentity!
You won this quick challenge and got 3 additional month of Sketchfab Pro! :smile:
Spread the word since we're gonna do more of these challenges, probably with a more flexible time frame.

Everyone feel free to let us know if you have any feedback/requests for upcoming challenges.
How was the time frame? Was the challenge cool / too short / difficult / boring?

We do this so everyone can have fun creating something, help us improve it :smile:

(Designidentity) #9

:grinning: So cool! I've never expected to win this challenge. I'm so happy!