Weekly Challenge: The Gate

(Simon Kratz) #1

Qbots - Warp Gate by bjackson on Sketchfab

What is behind the gate? That’s for you to decide. Model a gate that tells the story.
A gate is a connection between two places and usually you can tell where it leads. Is it a portal between different worlds, a trap-door leading to one’s misery or just a plain old door?
Look for a cool way to connect two places :smile:
This challenge will run for a whole week.

How do I participate?
- There are no restrictions in workflow or tools that have to be used. Just make it look awesome with your way of choice :smile:
- No need to model the places your gate connects. Let the gate tell the story.
- No technical restrictions, but keep everything reasonable pls.
- The overall look wins.
- Use of textures, light, materials, animation and geometry is completely up to you.
- Don’t use older uploads.
- Post your entry on this thread.
- Tag your uploaded model “SWC-2”

When is the deadline?
Deadline is Sunday, 21st of February, end of day. Winner will be announced on the next Tuesday afterwards!

What can I win?
The winner will receive a shiny Sketchfab PRO membership for three months :wink:

(Simon Kratz) #2

Pretty quiet here for now. Do we have participants? :smile:

(Jvouillon) #3

Hi Simon you're not alone! :wink: I'm putting some ideas together... Keep you posted.

(Jvouillon) #4

Ok here it is: https://skfb.ly/LoxA
Enjoy! :smile:

(Simon Kratz) #5

Wow, great entry, @jvouillon! :smiley:
Cool design and very descriptive in its function! I also love your creative use of annotations!

Still 3 more days to go for everyone else. Keep them coming, guys! It's not only the prize but a good opportunity to do something cool, like @jvouillon did :smile:

(Simon Kratz) #6

Congrats to @jvouillon! You won this challenge and 3 month of Sketchfab Pro!
Great entry and thx for participating! :smiley:

(Jvouillon) #7

Thanks @essimoon! Nice challenge, even if there was not too many participants... :wink:

(Bart) #8

We're working hard to improve that :slight_smile: