Weekly General Modeling Challenge: Call for Topics

A lot can be done in a week! Also a challenge is meant to be challenging! :blush:

In a week, yes. In a day or two :thinking: pfffff. It will be very challenging. Especially with loads of props in the scene. And I am not talking about some basic stuff like shapes :blush: :green_circle: :green_square: :large_orange_diamond:

It’s time to vote! :pencil2:

Thanks for the fantastic suggestions above! You can now vote on the 10 most popular suggestions (presented in alphabetical order). This poll will close Sunday Evening, Midnight New York time.

The winner will become Monday’s new challenge topic.

Have fun!

  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Ancient buildings
  • Cultures and traditions
  • Cute Robots
  • Cute versions of deep sea creatures
  • Design your own planet
  • Fill a provided balcony model with props
  • Mask / Ancient Mask / Post-apocalyptic Mask
  • Old House
  • Retro Electronics

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