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Weigh in: Organization of 3D scan wish list page

(Abby Crawford) #1

Continuing the discussion from 3D model wish list:

@bartv and I would like to see the 3D scan wish list grow and were thinking of ways to organize a page for it that would allow people to easily post requests and find requests for heritage objects in their area. @bartv suggested a wiki-type page on the forum, organized by country/city, etc. What do you think? What sort of organization and/or features would you like to see?

(Bart) #2

A wiki page on the forum is a nice light-weight way to get started, even if it doesn't scale very well. But we'll solve that if we get there smile

To avoid clutter, I suggest we create individual topics for scan projects. Maybe something like this:



And then the links would post to a forum topic. Something like that?