Weird mesh after upload a .glb file


(Micheus) #1

It looks like a bug, so…

I just tried to upload a model packed into glTF bynary (.glb) and the mesh is a mess!
The same file was uploaded to an online glTF viewer ( and there is no problem in its visualization.

Here is a picture from both view:

and here is the draft object I uploaded:

Thanks for any advice.

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @micheus,

There is an issue with the glTF processing that has been reported recently, that happens when buffers are split and organized in a certain fashion (which is the case in this model)

I will be fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience

(Bart) #3

:ok_hand: We’re all very relieved to hear that, Aurel!

(Micheus) #4

Thanks for checking.
Since the model was made to use PBR materials it was a logical choice to use that option for upload. In the mean time I’m going to upload it in .obj file format.