Weird user behavior

(Megabyte) #1

I know it's probably none of my bussines, but I just can't overlook it. Probably many of you noticed that you are now followed by Aleksandr Sereda, that's because he's probably trying to follow everyone on this site (over 8800 ppl atm, getting higher every second). He doesn't have any models, likes or collections.
Clearly he's using his profile on this site just for promotion of his stuff, he even writes the prices right away in his description.
As I said, it's probably nothing that I should care about, but it just seems bit unfair and it may be a violation of terms and conditions. If you do something about that, I'd be pleased, if not, it's fine if he's not breaking any rules.

(Bart) #2

Thanks for reporting! I have reviewed the account and yes, I consider this spamming. The account has been terminated.