Welcome the University of Warsaw Institute of Archaeology!

(Abby Crawford) #1

Every so often I'll devote a couple of hours to exploring Sketchfab by seeing who the people I follow follow or who the people who follow me follow. In the course of doing this a couple of days ago, I ran across the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, which joined Sketchfab in late December. They have some excellent scans of artifacts, with my personal favorite being this reconstructed Medieval cooking pot:

Medieval Cooking Pot (Pk.M.122.01A.28) by Institute of Archaeology UW on Sketchfab

Take a look and welcome them to the community!

(Institute Of Archaeology UW) #2

Thanks for the introduction Abby, it is much appreciated.
The aim of our project is to create a representative digital 3D catalogue of objects currently stored in the magazines of the Institute and to provide a new tool for our researchers to study these artifacts. Also, we are experimenting with new methods to help us gather more data from the finds which would be very problematic or even impossible using traditional documentation methods. There are a few ideas floating around and we are planning to produce a steady flow of 3D models for years to come, so stay tuned. :wink: