Welcome to Sketchfab 3December 2019! Read this first

It’s time again for 3December! It’s an opportunity for you to challenge yourself with a new 3D topic each day for 3 weeks.

Prompt reminders will be posted each day from December 2nd to December 22nd, and you will have until January 1 to complete your models. Create and share a collection of all 21 models to be entered into a prize raffle at the end of the month. And to see all of the challenge entries, check out the tag gallery.

To stay updated on each day’s topic, subscribe to the 3December forum category - instructions are provided below . Every time a new topic is announced, you’ll receive an email.

For those eager to get started, here is the full list of prompts and the days in December they will be posted:


  • Use any tool and workflow you like to create your models.
  • The models can be static or animated.
  • Give your models titles and brief (max 50 words) descriptions.
  • Submit only new work.
  • Once you’ve created your models, upload them to Sketchfab, tag them #3December2019 and whatever that day’s tag is (tags posted daily on the Forum).
  • Create your own thread in the 3December Entries forum to share and keep track of your progress.
  • Use the #3December hashtag if you want to share your entries on social media.
  • All 21 submissions must be complete by January 1st, 2020 in order to be eligible for the raffle drawing (23:59 New York time EST)


Artists who complete all 21 entries by January 1st will be entered into a raffle to receive one of 3 $100 Amazon vouchers and 3 months of Sketchfab PRO

Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary.
  • By entering this competition, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions.
  • This is a contest for individuals, no teams.
  • No alternative prizes available. The prize draw is not open to Sketchfab employees or their families.
  • No ripping of models from anywhere on the Internet, all entries must be original works.
  • Entries will be documented and may be used for promotional purposes.
  • Contestants’ models must be uploaded to Sketchfab and tagged correctly to be considered.
  • Winners retain all Intellectual Property as per Sketchfab standard Terms and Conditions.
  • Winners and winning entries may be required to take part in any publicity resulting from this competition.
  • The winners will be contacted by Friday, January 10th, 2020 .
  • Promoter: Sketchfab Inc, 1123 Broadway, Suite 501, New York, NY 10010, USA.

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@nebulousflynn the “Tag gallery” doesn’t work for me.
Error 404

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That’s because nobody has uploaded any 3D models and tagged them yet :slight_smile:


Oh right :smiley: I was expecting some sample like usual :blush:

Happy to see 3December this year too!

Where we can create our own thread, like the past year?


Why didn’t I know about this earlier!? I’m 4 days behind… Better get working!


I’ve discovred the challenge today, hope I can finish all 22 models

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Yep, :100:

@ringogunther @red_moon good luck!! :pray:


Can we post them in different order? For example starting with day 4.

Yep - any order you like :+1:


Thank you!

Does it work to post all 21 entries in one file? seeing as I have one upload available :))

Why don’t upload them as different files free to download :hushed: ? just curious

Seriously, is it day 14? fuck … but what’s wrong with me, god, what a stress! :woozy_face:

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Hello I’m looking for voice control

When and where do we need to share a link to our collection?

From my previous experience on challenges, I assume there will be a post in this thread at the end of this challenge there Sketchfab team will give you all info what you need to do.


Thanks!!! a lot.:smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Yes i’m joining