Welcome to Sketchfab InktoberĀ® 2019! Read this first šŸ–‹

We are taking on the InktoberĀ® challenge! Make a daily doodle in in black-and-white style in 3D and complete all 31 topics to enter a raffle.

InktoberĀ® has already shared their prompts, but weā€™ll be posting daily reminders here and on social media. Read on for details. Have fun!

Youā€™re welcome to use whatever 3D technique and workflow you prefer to create your models. If you complete all 31 of the topics by November 1, you will be entered into a raffle to win one of three $100 Amazon vouchers, 3 months of Sketchfab PRO and an InktoberĀ® 2019 T-shirt.


  • Use any tool and workflow you like to create your models in black-and-white style.
  • The models can be static or animated.
  • Give your models titles and brief (max 50 words) descriptions.
  • Submit only new work (make your models downloadable if you donā€™t have enough upload credits).
  • Once youā€™ve created your models, upload them to Sketchfab, find the tag for that dayā€™s topic and add it to your model.
  • Post your model on the daily topic to help inspire other participants
  • Use the #3DInktober2019 hashtag if you want to share your entries on social media.
  • All 31 submissions must be complete by November 1st in order to be eligible for the raffle drawing (23:59 New York time ā€“ EDT)


Artists who complete all 31 entries by November 1st will be entered into a raffle to receive one of 3:

Additionally Jake Parker will pick his favourite model for a 4th prize (same as above).

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To receive a daily email with the new topic, subscribe to this forum, Go to the InktoberĀ® 2019 forum category page , open the subscription options and select ā€˜Watching First Postā€™:

Inktober is a registered trademark of J.P. Creative, LLC, used with permission.


Can we post the models during different days? For example, if I donā€™t have any idea for the ring, can I upload it tomorrow? Or during next days?

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Update: Prizes increased from 3 months of Sketchfab Pro to 1 year of Sketchfab Pro

Yep, you can upload whenever you want. Weā€™ll post daily reminders to motivate people and get them going, but you can work on them in any order you want.


Iā€™m interested. @bartv Do we get view-only credits to enter this?

Unfortunately, we donā€™t have the technology ready to do this at a large scale yet. For this challenge, please make your entries downloadable. For future challenges we hope to be able to award credits automatically when you enter.


Is it ok to upload all of the models in the same scene? I would line up them all and add a text. I just dont want to spam my front page with loads of black and white models

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Interesting idea! I have no objection - but please label the entries in your scene and do add all the right tags to your model.

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Perfect! :slight_smile:

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We have adjusted the challenge rules:

  • make your models downloadable

now is:

  • make your models downloadable if you donā€™t have enough upload credits

Bummer, I guess I wonā€™t be participating if it has to be downloadable. I hope the sketchfab team can allow challenges to have extra credit and not have to be downloadable soon, that would be awesome for sure.



I just changed the rules so the models donā€™t have to be downloadable. We canā€™t award credits yet, but weā€™re looking for a way to do that for other challenges.

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Hi! Iā€™m unable to publish any more modelsā€¦ even though Iā€™m doing 3DInktober every dayā€¦
I guess I canā€™t participate?

You just need to make them downloadable

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Thank you!

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My collection so far :slight_smile:


Hey I was looking to post a model for the dragon prompt but there hasnā€™t been a thread for it added.


Hmm, youā€™re right - somehow it didnā€™t get published. Here you go:

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Hey! I think someone forgot to post yesterdays prompt ā€œTreasureā€!


Whoops, it didnā€™t get published, sorry! Here it is:

Hard but i did it!!
I conclued successfully my first month art challenge: Sketchfab Inktober 2019.
The goal was make one model per day with the suggested theme. You can see all of them in my collection in Sketchfab.
One model a dayā€¦ keeps you skill on good way :blush:.