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Getting started with the Sketchfab API

We offer several application program interfaces (APIs) that let you access and edit different aspects of Sketchfab. Our most popular ones are:

  • Viewer API - Embed and control the 3D Viewer
  • Data API - Upload models and access and edit related data
  • Download API - Download Creative Commons models
  • For a full overview and reference documentation, see Sketchfab for Developers

Viewer API Examples

On the Viewer API Examples page you’ll find a list of the most common use cases. You can see each mini-application in action, edit the code in real time, test on your own model, and fork the code to JSFiddle and CodePen to continue working on it.


The team also publishes experiments on the Sketchfab Labs Experiments page, but these are usually not documented.

How to get help

The fastest way to get help is through our Development and API forum. You’ll find the Sketchfab Developers and Support team there, as well as other API developers. We encourage public discussion as this benefits everyone, and welcome stories of your own development projects!

For more sensitive or business inquiries, you can contact our support team directly.

API Projects Showcase

Here’s a list of some ‘Configurator’ projects we worked on with clients:

If you’re interested in the business value of our viewer API, visit our Enterprise Blog. You’ll find some in-depth case studies of successful API projects here:


Hire a Sketchfab API Developer

Please contact us if you have specific development needs and we’ll introduce you to a certified Sketchfab API developer.

Staying up to date

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