Welcome to the Sketchfab forum test!

(system) #1

Feel free to play around!

Some notes:

  • I quickly added some HTML and CSS for the page header, not really a good job. Also, this is missing the 'forum home' link - I need some brainpower from Maurice for that.
  • We're looking in to a single sign on solution so we won't have a separate database of accounts. This can also copy over the user's avatar.
  • Sketchfab embeds work! Just paste in a URL.
  • Discourse supports markdown.
  • You can mention other users: @james

(Bart) #5

Pinging @james because of reasons.

(Bart) #6

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

(Bart) unpinned #7

(Hard3d) #8

Hello, Sketchfab!

Nice and quick forum. Good job!
I hope you will make this site customizable, that will be available for changing color of background and text for comfort reading.

(Bart) #9

Hey @hard3d,

I don't think that's on our planning. What kind of changes are you thinking about?

(Hard3d) #10

I saw some sites where you can change themes of site style via account settings. White screen blinding eyes especially in the night. Many people will appreciate it and come to this forum, if you would make it.
For example, http://www.polycount.com/forum/ have perfect theme for reading.

In all cases, really nice and quick forum, by the way:)

(Bart) #11

Ah I see. We're more than only the forum though, it might be too much work to add such a change...