Well of Chaos - Be prepared for the fight!


Hello folks! We are big fans of Wow so this contest is absolutely a must-try, We are so excited to share with you guys our idea for the contest. The initial idea is to create a scene called "Well of Chaos". In order to be well prepared for the fight against the Legion invasion, warriors from all over of Azeroth are coming to the Well. The Well is filled with Fel magical water which is extracted from a Fel ore placed right above it using an ancient system. No one ever knows how and when this Well were created, but what they all know is that this is a source of powerful and also demonic energy which can certainly help in the fight against the Legion army. Come, brave warriors of Azeroth, strengthen your weapons with Fel energy and protect your homeland! For Azeroth!

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(Michael Calvert) #2

This kind of reminds me of the voice places in Skyrim, looking forward to seeing it built out.


Love the concept art! The details are amazing already. Can't wait to see this evolve!


Thank you for your words. Here are some new concept art for it. We're trying to get the concept art done real quick to be able to start building it in 3D.:slight_smile:

(Harford) #5

Looks great so far.
This is a solo not a team art contest though , so bear that in mind :slight_smile:


Is that for real? Since we don't see any lines indicating this is not a team contest. If this truly is a contest for individuals so we are sorry about that and we might cease at this point.

(Michael Calvert) #7

It's in the rules: https://blog.sketchfab.com/community-contest-world-of-warcraft-legion/

I really like where you were going with this project, I'd look to changing the scope and finishing it. It would be a shame to not finish it.

(Harford) #8

Yes, sorry for that. It is in the rules, I really liked where you were going too. I hope it's possible for a single artist there to complete the contest. Good luck

(jason) #9

concept looks awesomeeee!!! love the statues in particular!!

(Bart) #10

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(CG SHARE) #11

Thanks for asking but we want stop everything right at this point since we found out that this contest is not for teams.We just want to confirm this the last time and please close this topic, we really do appreciate all of your support and interest though. Hopefully we can get another chance to join in another contest in the future. Cheers!