We're launching the Sketchfab Store in Beta

(Bart) #1

Today we’re excited to launch one of our most requested features: the Sketchfab Store! It’s a way for our creators to monetize their work and share their content outside of Sketchfab, and an awesome place for people to find great 3D models for their projects.

With our state-of-the art 3D viewer and model inspector, not only do you get to see the 3D models, but also their anatomy. You know for sure how a model is made, and what you are paying for.

Read more: Discover the Sketchfab Store

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(Smallpoly) #3

Oh, awesome. You guys finally did it. The viewing and inspection tools here are a huge step above Turbosquid. I can't believe how antiquated they're letting themselves get.

(Bart) #4

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Grigorovich) #5

Thank you all guys!

(Alex Nan) #6

Thanks and good luck to everyone ! :four_leaf_clover:

(Lipskiconsulting) #7

How long does it take to review my submission? I created request and dont know if it was rejected or not

(Bart) #8

We’ll respons within a few business days.

(Radju) #9

So I want to be sure. Now is possible to use regular, simple paypal account without upgrading it to business? I want to open store here but i dont want to make some problems with my paypal account settings. Because i allready use paypal for other marketplaces. Thank you! Regards.

(Bart) #10

That is correct - you can now use a personal account as well.

(Radju) #11

Thak you for such quick respose.

(Rickerson Martines Aparecido) #12

I think that is important to show the number of downloads even If the product have a price, showing this number make the product more stronger, everyone will see that the product its important to use… (Of course, my opinion…)