We're looking for a community management intern in the Netherlands

(Bart) #1


We're looking for a student in communication and media to assist me with the community management activities here on Sketchfab. If you're looking for a 'werkervaringsstage', take a look here. Feel free to send any questions to me personally at bart@sketchfab.com.

An awesome experience is guaranteed! smile

(Dutchallians) #2

hey, maybe a bit late but im a 15 year old highschool student, i have a little experience with modelling https://sketchfab.com/dutchallians
i have pretty much spare time, so far i understood you need a student to help?

(Bart) #3

Hi @dutchallians,

thanks for your reply! I'm not so much looking for a modeler but rather more for someone to help me with communications. This is really a 'HBO' internship..