We're looking for some awesome animation content

I uploaded two files.
One file with armature deformation.

and one file with solid animation

I have tested the FBX files in Autodesk FBX Converter 2013

Hello! I would like to pitch a few models too! Basically all the zombie guys are animated…

Zombie Boss by BitGem on Sketchfab

You can view the animations for the zombie boss here or other BitGem characters in action here .

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Nice, looking forward to it.

Hell yeah!! I’m gonna get my catwalk model friend back in the studio for this one :wink:

I created an animation with Blender and I wait for 3 hours that Blender export my file to FBX. Is this normal? The file size is 28 Mo and the video lasts 47 s with 1150 frames

Blender finished exporting the file after 7 hours of work, but when I open it with Blender there is only one image and a video with 250 identical frames! I will try again !

Wow 7 hours sounds too long for an export, something goes wrong.
When you export a FBX out of blender, all the keyframes will baked.
In your case, you get 1150 keyframes per animated object in your scene.
How many animated objects do you have in your scene?

If you use an armature for your animation,
check how many actions you have created for your armature.

For example:
Walk-cycle, run-cycle or idle animation,
All the actions will be stored in the FBX file and every bone gets 1150 keyframes.
If you have 5 actions and 60 bones in your armature so you will get 345000 keyframes at all,
and one baked keyframe storage everything, the location, rotation and scaling, x y z so its a lot of data.
Maybe this is the reason why your export takes so long or fails, I guess.


This is the animation my colleague did for my Batman.

I have given the FBX file to Bart for testing.


He moroplogo i made a tutorial about how to export a fbx file in blender with reduced keyframes.
How to Export a fbx file in Blender with reduced keyframes

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Here is a Chinese version of this tutorial translated by congcong009


I animated my friend that I scanned

and you can see the animations in action here:

But when I upload the FBX with the model and animation it ends up mangled within Sketchfab. Its uploaded to my account but not published

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I had no idea animation is coming to sketch fab !..I’m totally excited about this. .it’s the one feature I’ve wanted the most…and this will definitely bring me back as a premium member…thank you!

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Here’s a new sneak peek! It’s @dennish2010’s Gun Bot:


Wow, Awesome : ) it’s alive MUAHAHAHA xD.
Can’t wait to have this in sketchfab.

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Nice! Hope i get mine done soon, too :smiley: Not a rigged char but some solid body animation

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If anyone wants to see my model in an interactive environment you can try this 1st person viewer here http://www.punkoffice.com/vfashion/

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Hey @punkoffice, could you mail me the FBX file? We’ll see how well it does in the prototype. It’s bart@sketchfab.com.

It will be nice to have Sketchfab animated models!!!
I did some animation tests in Blender with a Greek ship, rows are rigged, cloth+wind effects on sails and animated waves and foam around the rows… Not sure if it is precisely what you’re looking for, but I captured this short sequence, anyway:

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I’d like to contribute too - I have lots of stuff


@pabloserranobasterra how did you do the waves? We don’t support animated textures at this point. The boat might be interesting - could you export it to FBX and mail it to me?

@joel3d very nice, I’d love to try that. Could you mail me an FBX version?

Hi, Bart! The waves are modeled with Blender “Ocean” Addon , it works quite well and accepts foam… but indeed I added an animated texture for the water reflections and smaller irregularities on the water. I guess it will not be possible to
I will try to export it to FBX from Blender, I’ll see how it works and send you by email.