We're looking for some awesome animation content

(Punkoffice) #21

If anyone wants to see my model in an interactive environment you can try this 1st person viewer here http://www.punkoffice.com/vfashion/

(Bart) #22

Hey @punkoffice, could you mail me the FBX file? We'll see how well it does in the prototype. It's bart@sketchfab.com.

(Pabloserranobasterra) #23

It will be nice to have Sketchfab animated models!!!
I did some animation tests in Blender with a Greek ship, rows are rigged, cloth+wind effects on sails and animated waves and foam around the rows... Not sure if it is precisely what you're looking for, but I captured this short sequence, anyway:

(Joel3d) #24

I'd like to contribute too - I have lots of stuff

(Bart) #25

@pabloserranobasterra how did you do the waves? We don't support animated textures at this point. The boat might be interesting - could you export it to FBX and mail it to me?

@joel3d very nice, I'd love to try that. Could you mail me an FBX version?

(Pabloserranobasterra) #26

Hi, Bart! The waves are modeled with Blender "Ocean" Addon , it works quite well and accepts foam... but indeed I added an animated texture for the water reflections and smaller irregularities on the water. I guess it will not be possible to
I will try to export it to FBX from Blender, I'll see how it works and send you by email.

(Simon Kratz) #27

@bartv Is there actually a deadline or something like that? I'm still working on mine since it needs some more love and it'd be a shame if there was a deadline that we don't know. I'd really like to get it ready in the timeframe (if there is any) smile

(Joel3d) #28

@bartv This video/comp wouldn't work - but I thought that a basic walk cycle would be fine.

I don't know how your system works or what is supported. This rig uses MayaMuscle, but has an option to simply use a Maya skinCluster. Maybe there could just be a geo Cache?

I can get something together if you want to experiment.

(Moroplogo) #29

Very thanks @dennish2010 , but I have no time to study the method to transform a file .blend to .fbx . Moreover my model have no bones , just mesh and bezier curves with many transformations...

(Simon Kratz) #30

Some useful knowledge from my side for all those who are wondering what exactly is supported / not supported:
I guess you can easily find out for yourself by checking for your own specific case what gets exported into the fbx. Most 3d programs have their own way of handling more advanced animations which isn't based on any common industry standard. That's why a lot of stuff isn't even saved into the fbx.
So to check for yourself: get a free fbx viewer (like Autodesk fbx Review or Clockstone fbx viewer), export your file and see how the animation does inside the viewer.

It's what I currently do as well since it's easier for me like this instead of waiting for an official reply for each problem I encounter. If it doesn't work for fbx it won't work for Sketchfab smile

(Bart) #31

For the prototypes, not really, we just need files to run out tests on. I'll also be looking for a small number of high-quality animation content for the SIGGRAPH prototype launch - the deadline for that will be before SIGGRAPH, obviously :slight_smile: Do you happen to have a demo reel of your work somewhere?

At this point we support solid body animation and rigs/skin deformation. We don't support any software-specific systems - everything we do needs to be generic. Just export something to FBX and we'll try it.

(Simon Kratz) #32

To be honest I'm not really an full-blown animator, I doubt my stuff will be good enough for your siggraph launch. Mine will be - at best - 'nice' smile
But I know someone who does really cool stuff in terms of rigged character animations. Gonna encourage her to post some of her stuff here. Maybe you consider it to be fitting smile
We do have those animations in action as well. She's the one who does the animations for Shift Happens (see the Inside Gaming article on Sketchfab) so we have plenty of trailer material and we could of course also prepare looped previews of individual animations if that's fine for you.

(Bart) #33

Yeah a preview would be great, without it it's a little hard to understand the quality of an animation smile Thanks Simon!

(Simon Kratz) #34

One more question^^
If you show the animations at SIGGRAPH (and assuming ours are picked for the show) is it possible to have textures, normal maps and all that stuff for our animations like in the regular viewer?
And if so shall we just embed them into the fbx file upon sending them to you? I could upload a non-animated model as well just to setup shading and textures there if that's helping smile

(Stephomi) #35

Yes, it will be possible.

^ It won't be useful as animation will probably require a re-upload of the model (and we still have progress to do at keeping materials settings and stuffs at re-upload :smiley:) .

(Simon Kratz) #36

oh yes, I see. That makes sense, thank you^^

(Phraxis38) #37

Hello guys smile
My little contribution...I don't know if you're interested...
But if you do that feature in sketchfab...You definitely become my hero.

My sketchfab model

Buffet Noyer Eclaté by phraxis38 on Sketchfab

Thanks a lot for your work!


(Bart) #38

Hey @phraxis38,

yeah that would be interesting to try. Could you export it as an FBX file and mail it to me? (bart@sketchfab.com). Thanks!

(Chaitanyak) #39

now that does look epic!

(Pabloserranobasterra) #40

Hi! I am having some problems to export the ship model to FBX format. Would a .blend file be useful? Otherwise, I would keep on trying...