What 3D software to start with? Free?

(Eric Duncan) #1

So I used AutoCAD extensively back in high school... 25+ years ago. I've designed a few basic pieces in SketchUp but the Pro version is required to export - and I don't have the mula to pay for the pro.

I'm on macOS now but can run Windows if I need to.

What software would you recommend to dabble with basic 3D objects in their limited spare time?

I'd prefer it to be free, and it has to export to a format I can upload here to SketchFab (for one of the contests).


Ps, I did try searching but not much came up.

(Kainui) #2

Blender is free, probably exactly what you're looking for.

(Bart) #3

I can recommend Blender too :slight_smile: Here's a great place to start learning:

(Wburton95) #4

Blender is about it my friend. There are no other choices that are worth your time. I would even recomend blender above all paid 3d suites with the exception of 3d coat or zbrush. Blender can be frustrating at times but thats because it is packed with tons of features. I recomend you take some blender courses over at cgcookie and get fimiliar with the layout and all the hotkeys.

(Wburton95) #5

Check out my models. All were made in blender. I also use affinity products for generating textures, turing images into textures and painting/ vector decals. I then use 3d coat for pbr painting because it is easy. You can also use blender + cycles for pbr stuff if you learn the node system well.

(Code Pixel) #6

If you're looking to do Minecraft-related stuff, try Blockbench out.

Otherwise, blender is good for regular stuff.