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What 3DS Max materials does sketchfab support?


(Bagelco) #1

I guess I'm looking for a rundown of what materials sketchfab officially supports; specifically regarding to the latest version of 3DS Max (2018).
Texturing using Arnold materials seems to go completely ignored by both FBX, OBJ uploads as well as 3DS Max exporter. Since VRAY and Mental Ray were dropped in the latest version, what renderer should we use? Scanline seems tor return results, would this mean I have to recreate ALL my materials in scanline in order to upload to sketchfab if I'm using 3DS Max 2018?


We cannot currently support 3rd party rendering engines like Vray, Mental Ray, KeyShot, Arnold, etc. natively. Similarly, there's really no way to export them to formats like FBX.

These materials and lighting setups should be baked into new, UV mapped textures. I'm not sure about Arnold specifically, but our 3ds Max Exporter plugin includes optional texture baking features, and might be useful for you: