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What animation duration is possible?


(Danp1) #1

Hi all, I'm new and am looking into sketchfab for some potential client projects that may require it. One thing I haven't found an answer to yet is what kind of duration of animation is possible on sketchfab with Blender. For example could a 1-2 min animation of 30-50 low poly buildings and vehicles scaling up in an environment with annotations be possible? (I know there may be a few variables to consider here)... would appreciate any thoughts!

(Mrchlblng) #2

@danp1 at the moment we do not limit animation duration at all; there only is a filesize constraint on the upload and then the model should be processable in less than one hour to not "timeout". If you look at Lily & Snout you can see that the 1-2min range is well supported!

However it's hard to say more for your particular project without more details. Blender animations can be quite heavy to process depending on the scene complexity and the number of modifiers so you may need to make some tests but I wouldn't expect too many issues for reasonable scene.

(Danp1) #3

Ok great, thanks @mrchlblng! I'll definitely do some testing. I found a terrain environment that is very similar to the project I may work on and just looking at the file size (1MB) of that one it appears we shouldn't have too many problems.

Fantasic short film by the way! Am I right in seeing that this is also approx 1MB!? Doesn't that mean that you could have added a lot more detail and resolution to the final animation theoretically?

(Mrchlblng) #4

@danp1 the filesize we currently display is rather meaningless. It's the 3D buffers filesize (so the size of the geometry in the scene). This doesn't account for animation data and textures. The Lily & Snout animation is ~8Mb (we bake all animations). The textures used will then depend on the device but that's a bunch of other Mbs