What are fbx and psz files? Convert to obj/stl?

(Geogeosan) #1

There is a cool scan called Kushan Buddha that downloaded.
It's listed as an FBX file, but when I look at it in my downloads it's a PSZ.
Can this be converted to obj or stl so I can mess around with it?
I read some forum topics related to this... Am I to understand it can't be downloaded and converted and is only able to be viewed?



Can you post a link to the model?


(Simon Kratz) #3

Never really heard of psz files but got an army of programs that I'd love to try it on :smiley:
Can you provide a link to where you downloaded it so I can give it a try?
I assume it's all legal and no hacky ripping from the browser? :smile:


I believe PSZ is an Agisoft PhotoScan archive.

(Geogeosan) #5

Yes, here is a link:

Kushan Buddha by Robert Mahon on Sketchfab



You can open the FBX in Blender and export it in another format.