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What Blender animations does sketchfab support


(Kage G) #1

I've been learning blender for a few weeks and the way it works with sketchfab is fantastic.

Obviously, there are many animation features in Blender which sketchfab can't support.

I managed to work out how to get physics animations to work and cloth simulations but can't seem to figure out animations such as shader changes, fading and uv warping and more.

Has anyone compiled a list of what sketchfab can support for Blender? If not, maybe it's worth me starting a topic. I can start it with how I got cloth simulation to work.


I've started a topic on this:

(Shaderbytes) #2

• Any keyed Object rotation , translation , scale.
• Skinned mesh (armature)
• Shape keys

as you can see above, current support all pertains to moving geometry only, so no material fading etc..

(Waleguene) #3

As @shaderbytes said, only object animation is supported for now: