What calls count towards the rate limit?

(Mr Inka) #1

Hey, i am currently using this NodeJS module to upload through the API (https://github.com/sketchfab/node-sketchfab). I found it in one of the SketchFab Blog posts.

I am using the example from the Github repo: https://github.com/sketchfab/node-sketchfab/blob/master/example/upload.js

I was wondering, which of the calls are counting towards the rate limit? (300/hour for Pro accounts I believe)

  • The actual upload (Probably yes)

  • The progress updates (in the way they are used in the module)

  • The final success update with the url

  • Using a PATCH on the scene after the upload has finished

So technically, does a single model upload through this code use up two calls (upload and patch), or one for each time the progress percentage changes?

I actually thought that only the upload and the patch would coun’t against the rate limit, but I just noticed that after uploading a few files, the progress seems to stay on 100% for 10-15 minutes, then gives back the url, after which the PATCH request will take multiple minutes also. Is that me hitting the rate limits?

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You’ll know that you’re hitting the rate limit if you get a 429 response code.

The rate limit is counted separately for read and write requests, so you have 300/hour POST or PATCH (the upload and any edits) and 300/hour GET (the status checks).

(Mr Inka) #3

That’s what I expected / hoped. Thanks.

You got any idea then, why an upload with a 3d model and a texture might take 1 minute while the same Upload with identical settings could take 10 minutes a bit later?

Oh, also: Can I see the amount of calls I used in the last hour somewhere?


The full time it takes to finish processing a model will depend on the queue of models ahead of you in the queue.

I’m not sure you can get your current limit / quota anywhere at the moment, but I’ll check.