What causes black edges on a UV mapped texture?


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I'm not sure if this is just the way my lighting is setup or what, but on a few things I have built in Blender I get this weird black edge on my UV mapped textures:

Look at the mud in the middle on blender render:

and the original texture is like this:


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can you share the blend file so someone can actually take a look.

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Blender.zip (1.1 MB)

No problem, see attached, thanks.

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you have a connection between the texture color and the displacement slot of the material output , you need to remove that. You also have some z-fighting geometry. you have a rectangle , and a plane ( with the uv) flat against that rectangle. So the plane and the one side of the rectangle are occupying the same space. Just select the faces with the uv and hide them , then delete the faces of the rectangle that are in that same position. then un-hide the plane again.

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Thanks, is there a way for me to attach / join the plane with the graphics on to the rectangle, so there is no minor gaps between the 2?

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yes, In edit mode just select all using the A key and then use the W key then select remove doubles. adjust the threshold value in the inspector on the left if needed , the amount of vertices joined by the operation can be seen on the top info bar in blender.

These are rudimentary things you are asking , I suggest you go watch a few blender tutorials to get to grips with doing the basics.