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What could be causing this problem?


(Michigan Drone Services) #1

I used some software to do an aerial scan. The developer sent the results to me, but also uploaded the result to their account here. Why is the such a difference between the results they have and the result that were send to me? Any thoughts? Notice, especially the buildings, mainly the pole barn.


Mine (given to me by the software developer):

Should I contact the developer, or is this an issue on my end?

(Vlad) #2

Both models, exactly the same.
What problem you see?

(Michigan Drone Services) #3

Here's what I'm seeing on my computer.

  • The top image shows the upload via the DroneDeploy account (beautiful, I must say).
  • The bottom image shows the upload thru my account. See the bumps on the front wall?

Is it just me who see this? Maybe it's an issue on my end? Thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

(Vlad) #4

Switch to Shadeless mode in model 3D properties permanently, or with 2 button temporary in viewer.

(Chaitanyak) #5

@ssh4 is right, switch to shadeless mode for this and future photo scans.
In photoscans the lighting is baked into the captured textures.
Adding additional lighting(the default setting) actually highlights defects in the geometry.

(Michigan Drone Services) #6

Thanks guys. The shade-less option fixed the problem. Appreciate all the help. :slight_smile: