What else is there? [Done]

(Angieteickner) #1

Hi guys,
i am so excited for this contest. Here is a shot from my first layout from the lab. Probably gonna change it a lot on the go :smile:

What is the "good" Professor going to put in all these glasses?
For long time nobody has seen his face. What will he show us when he comes back ... from the other side. Do we really want to see?

(Theedstar1) #2

Holy wow all i can see is AWESOME! i can't wait for this project (applying glue to eyes now and glueing them to screen)

(Angieteickner) #3

haha :grin: thanks man. I hope the glue is coming of later :joy:

(Angieteickner) #4

The blocking is finished so far :smile: Next step would be fleshing out details and optimizing the scene. At the moment there are just faaaaaaaaaaar to many polygons :scream:

And after that, the stage is set for the Creatures, our Professor found in the other side :sunglasses:

(Theedstar1) #5

I swear i only went to my work desk for a couple of minutes and when i hit refresh on the tab the whole scene had changed how are you so fast I'm so amazed by the way the setup is looking super amazing

(Angieteickner) #6

Thank you very much :smile:

The whole scene is basically just made of slightly modified Primitives and Splines. To visualize where i want all the stuff to be placed.
And it took me all Sunday to put together :wink:

(Bart) #7

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(Angieteickner) #8

Thank you :smile:

(Angieteickner) #9

Not really sure if there is a big difference to see yet ^^ I am currently just going over every model and add some detail.
I also have some ideas what the creatures are going to look like, but did not have the time to sketch them, because of work.

Would be great to hear if you guys out there have some tips or feedback :sweat_smile:

(Technoir) #10

Looks great, congratulations!

When you make the textures , you can apply a layer of AO to look better !

(Theedstar1) #11

Hey may i ask how you get your lights to be so subtle my scene doesn't seem to wanna show proper shadows some areas are super dark and some areas are just not showing up anyway enough about me more about this awesome scene you got going on great update

(Angieteickner) #12

Thank you :smile: I will defintly do some amient occlusion when i am doing the textures. Thanks for the Feedback!

(Angieteickner) #13

I have to admit i have no idea :sweat_smile: Just set the Viewport Shading in 3ds Max on Realistic. Most of the time my scene looks like you discribe yours. I quickly took a screenshot when the shading looked nice.

(Theedstar1) #14

Ha ha ha ha ha ha thats okay thanks for the help i just flooded my scene with a lotta lights i mean look at this ha ha ha ha ha.......

(Theedstar1) #15

But i won't lie the result is almost similar to yours

(Angieteickner) #16

I think its looking very nice :smile: You could check if the smoothing groups are working well together at the darker areas.

(Lorenzoderijcke) #17

hi @angieteickner :smile: nice work I like it so far!

are you planning to show your "good" doctor as well or only his lab?

As for your lab you could add some distress and aging to your models that would fit in with the fact that nobody had seen your doctor, with him being away to the dark side... ehm other side (ya mon :smiley: ) or being living in his lab 24/7 he probably didn't have time to clean his lab :smiley:
Anyway that were just my thoughts

looking forward to your progress.

(Angieteickner) #18

Maybe :smile: when i am finished with the lab and the creatures. When there is still room in my schedule, i will also do the The Doctor.

And thank you. I honestly appreciate every suggestion. At the moment it looks a bit lifeless^^. I am planning to make it really dirty and ugly later in Substance Painter :smiley:

(Angieteickner) #19

Mad Schientist Lab WIP by angieteickner on Sketchfab

Placing of the Props is not entirely finished but i will now start with the unwrapping and Material IDs for Substance :smile: which is actually one of my favored tasks ^^

(Angieteickner) #20

Halfway trough the texturing. I actually wanted to finish but ... well i got distracted playing around with Substance Painters Features (i just bought it ^^) and nearly fried my poor computer :flushed:

So this is the outcome of today. Maybe i have overdone it with the blood :sweat_smile: